Friday, 3 September 2010

Cinema and the Universal Declaration of Human Rights

We are in the midst of our summer course on Cinema, Human Rights and Advocacy, which is organized jointly by the Irish Centre for Human Rights and the Huston Film School. My part in the programme is a presentation on the Universal Declaration of Human Rights using films to illustrate its content. The films I use are, of course, a personal choice, and are influenced by my own background, interests and idiosyncrasies. Really, the films provide talking points for a discussion about the substantive rights. The 60-slide presentation uses still photos and posters of the films. One day, I'll figure out the technology enough so that I can use short clips from the films too. Here is the presentation.


Hostage said...

The unidentified persons seated behind Malik, Cassin, and Roosevelt in the first photo are US advisors, Marjorie M. Whiteman and James Simsarian.

Whiteman assisted Green H. Hackworth and was editor of her own 15 volume edition of the US State Department Digest of International Law (1963-1972).

Unknown said...

Prof Schabas,

Have you made a comment here or elsewhere about the islamic judicial system and human rights?

This sort of case interests me a lot:

Thank you!