Thursday, 16 September 2010

'Double Genocide' in Lithuania

Yesterday's Guardian had an interesting column by Jonathan Freedland on the so-called 'double genocide' in Lithuania during and after the Second World War. It is a useful contribution to the discussions about moral equivalence, and the tendency to a broad use of the word 'genocide' with the consequence that it diminishes the horror and stigma of real genocides.


the Midnight Plumber said...

Implicit in your comment is the biased notion that there was only one "real" genocide that matters, the Holocaust. When will this tired exceptionalism finally run its course? Suffering on a national scale is not the exclusive domain of the Jews - More people died for their ethnicity under Stalin than under Hitler.

Justinas Zilinskas said...

And here is rather rational response.

With all due regards, I would certainly not subscribe to the notions of "real" and "unreal" genocide. It's just a matter of conventional agreement and how it is perceived.