Monday, 23 August 2010

Bangladesh International Crimes Tribunal

The latest internationalized criminal justice institution to be set up is the International Crimes Tribunal of Bangladesh. It was set up recently by the government of Bangladesh to prosecute Bangladesh citizens alleged to have committed crimes against humanity, war crimes and other international crimes during the 1971 independence war of Bangladesh. There is a blog on the subject. The legislative basis of the Tribunal dates to 1973; more recently, Rules of Procedure and Evidence have been adopted.
For further reading on this, see the special edition on Bangladesh in the Criminal Law Forum, with articles by Suzannah Linton, Gideon Boas, and Sara Hossain and Bina D’Costa.

Also related to the 1971 atrocities was an application filed by Pakistan against India pursuant to article IX of the 1948 Genocide Convention. It was the first such application - the next was by Bosnia in 1993, and there have been several since.
Thanks to Kjell Anderson and Suzannah Linton.

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