Wednesday, 27 January 2010

Republican Bigotry

'By bluntly insisting that France’s republican values are under threat from a thousand or so women who wear full-face veils, a parliamentary commission that submitted a report opposing the practice on Tuesday merely succeeded in cheapening those values.' See the rest of this fine editorial in today's Financial Times.


RHKINC said...

Could it be that the veil is seen as representing the strict Sharia law interpretation of Islam and as such would consist as a threat to any Republic?

James Mason said...

Muslim women's Veils a threat to our republic? Come on. Like Iraq was a threat to our freedom. And if Muslims want to live under Sharia law and insist their women dress appropriately, so what! A woman who is a teacher is not allowed to wear a tight and high dress to school. Those women will eventually gain freedom, let them be for god's sake. Bigotry and stereo typing are so ugly. And to sticking our noses into others societal norms is similar to the U.S. conservatives who want to interfere with a woman's womb.