Monday, 4 January 2010

More on the Blackwater Dismissal

Iraqi officials have expressed outrage at the ruling by an American judge to dismiss charges against the Blackwater personnel who opened fire upon civilians in crowded Baghdad (see previous posting). But rather than rant at the Americans, they should do something concrete.
As a start, they should remove the immunity that they themselves conferred upon American personnel in Iraq. This would be an entirely appropriate extercise of their sovereignty. They could do it retroactively. There is no issue of the principle of legality here, given that the crime of murder was punishable under the laws of Iraq at the time the alleged crimes took place. The only issue is one of jurisdiction, which humiliated Iraq gave up but which it could reclaim.
Then it should seek Interpol's assistance in arresting the suspects. As well as the help of all of the other countries (including the United States) who love to talk so loud about ending impunity in Iraq.

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Froggy said...

...or maybe they should be grateful for the ability to EVEN complain at all, due to the sacrifice of over 4000 American lives and 25,000+ wounded Americans wounded, on their behalf.

If you want to do something about human rights, why not come out here to Afghanistan and see how the Taliban are (and always have) treating women like below dogs, and young boys as sex toys depending on what tripe they come from.

I know that would never happen because you would have to leave the nice, comfortable confines of Ottawa or London.