Wednesday 28 October 2009

Blair for EU President?

Last week, I circulated a popular appeal to elect Mary Robinson as President of the European Union. She has since made it clear she is not interested. So we return to the favourite, Tony Blair. George Monbiot, in Monday's Guardian says we should back Blair: 'If the man who waged an unprovoked war in Iraq gets this job, it could be the chance to hold him to account for his crimes.' Read more:
Thanks to Nadia Bernaz.

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MakeCulture said...

I don't buy that Blair is the front-runner. Paddy Power has Herman van Rompuy on top followed by Balkenende, with Blair in third. I think that too many people, including me, agree with your thoughts on Blair and that will hurt him. Not to mention Britain has not been a helpful player in the EU. The main reason to select someone like Blair for the slot would be the desire for a strong personality. First, I don't think that the demand is there. Second, the people who want a strong personality are those who want the EU to be a counter-weight to U.S. policy. These forces neither control the process, nor do they at all favour Blair.

Robert W.
Maastricht, NL