Sunday, 25 September 2011

First Ratification of Amendment to Rome Statute

Flag of San Marino
The first ratification of the amendment to article 8 of the Rome Statute adopted at the Kampala Review Conference, adding jurisdiction over certain offences committed in non-international armed conflict, has been submitted to the depositary of the treaty, the United Nations Secretary-General by San Marino.
I had initially posted the news that San Marino had ratified the amendments concerning the crime of aggression, but Prof. Bruce Broomhall has corrected me.
I understand that Germany hopes to be the first to ratify the aggression amendments.
Also, the Maldives has become the 118th State Party to the Rome Statute.

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The Scientist said...

In the ICC website, it says San Marino was the first to ratify the Kampala amendment to article 8, but it doesn't say anything about the aggression amendment:

Since my ongoid PhD is on the crime of aggression, every bit of information can be useful!