Tuesday, 27 September 2011

Two Doctors

From left, Shane Darcy, myself, Kjell Anderson and Alex Hinton.

From left, Vinodh Jaichand, Roger Hood, Aimé Karimunda and myself.
Two doctors! Yesterday at the Irish Centre for Human Rights, two students successfully defended their doctoral theses. The distinguished graduates are:
Muyuboke Aimé Karimunda, whose thesis is on the death penalty in Africa. The external examiner was Professor Roger Hood of All Souls College, Oxford. Dr Vinodh Jaichand was the internal examiner. Aimé is a university lecturer in Kigali.
Kjell Anderson, hose thesis is entitled ‘The Dehumanisation Dynamic: A Criminology of Genocide’. The external examiner was Professor Alex Hinton, of Rutgers University, and current President of the International Association of Genocide Scholars. The internal examiner was Dr Shane Darcy.
Bravo to you both!
Having ‘two doctors’ recalls the famous ‘psychiatrist’ episode on Fawlty Towers:
Basil: How do you do doctor. Very nice to have you with us, doctor.
Dr (Mr) Abbott: Thank You.
Basil: And Mrs Abbott, how do you do.
Dr (Mr) Abbott: Dr Abbott, actually.
Basil: …I’m sorry?
Dr (Mr) Abbott: Doctor Abbott.
Dr (Mrs) Abbott: Two doctors.
Basil: (to Mr Abbott) You’re two doctors?
Dr (Mrs) Abbott: Yes.
Basil: Well, how did you become two doctors? That’s most unusual…I mean, did you take the exams twice, or…?
Dr (Mr) Abbott: No, my wife’s a doctor…
Dr (Mrs) Abbott: I’m a doctor.
Basil: You’re a doctor too! So you’re three doctors.
Dr (Mr) Abbott: No, I’m a doctor. My wife’s another doctor.