Wednesday, 30 June 2010

Naomi Campbell Testimony Authorised by Charles Taylor Trial Chamber

Judges have authorised the Prosecutor to reopen her case in the Charles Taylor trial, so as to call new evidence concerning whether the accused gave a rough diamond to model Naomi Campbell while visiting Nelson Mandela in South Africa, according to a decision issued yesterday. The idea, it seems, is to prove that Charles Taylor lied when he said he never was in possession of rough diamonds. Naomi Campbell has a volatile personality, and it should be interesting to see her testify. If she clams up, maybe the Prosecutor will call Mia Farrow to say that Campbell is a lier. Then they can call Woody Allen to say that Farrow is a lier. This trial ain't over yet!

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Unknown said...

Oh God, in case humanitarianism wasn't enough of a Hollywood show as it is... We have Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt visiting the ICC, Mick Jagger's daughter handing over an award to the UN Secretary General and now Naomi Campbell and Mia Farrow testifying in court. What's next, please?