Tuesday, 7 January 2014

Dr Lars Waldorf

From left, myself, Lars, Mark Drumbl (on the screen) and Shane Darcy.
Lars Waldorf successfully defended his doctoral thesis, entitled Mass Justice for Mass Atrocity: Transitional Justice and Illiberal Peace-Building in Rwanda, at the National University of Ireland Galway yesterday. It was a brilliant defence. The examiners didn’t even propose to adjourn and deliberate and simply told him outright after his presentation and some discussion that he had succeeded. The external examiner was Prof. Mark Drumbl of Washington & Lee University, who participated by videoconference. The internal examiner was Dr. Shane Darcy. The panel was chaired by Dr. Noelle Higgins, who is not shown in the photo (she took it!). I was the supervisor of the thesis. Lars is a lecturer at the University of York, in the UK. Congratulations, Lars.

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