Wednesday, 5 June 2013

Germany, Botswana Ratify Kampala Amendments on Crime of Aggression

Two more States Parties to the Rome Statute have ratified or acceded to the amendments adopted at Kampala with respect to the crime of genocide, bringing the total to seven. Here is the page from the UN Treaty register showing the status of the amendments:
It seems almost trite to recall the symbolic importance of Germany's accession to the amendments. This is the State blamed at Nuremberg for the most destructive acts of aggression in human history. Now it takes the lead as a peacemaker.
Thirty ratifications are required for the entry into force of the amendments. They cannot enter into force until 2017 in any event. The pace of ratification is accelerating slowly and the 2017 target seems realistic. There will probably be some attempts to obstruct this by the United States but its effectiveness is hampered by the fact that it has not joined the Court. The final condition for entry into force is a resolution of the Assembly of States Parties. But if the thirty ratifications are obtained, a resolution can hardly be a major obstacle.

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