Friday, 23 November 2012

Brierly's Law of Nations

From left, Russ Clapham, Andrew, Maya Sikand, Sandy McBride and Ben Emmerson QC.
Thursday I attended the launch of Brierly’s the Law of Nations, a classic of international law written by Prof. Andrew Clapham. The launch was held at Matrix Chambers, of which Andrew is a founding member. Elizabeth Wilmshurst of Chatham House did a wonderful presentation of the book.
Brierly’s law of nations was first issued in 1928, and over the course of the next thirty-five years it was revised five by the author. But since the early 1960s it had lain untouched until Andrew brought his considerable talents to bear on modernizing the text. He told us how he had attempted to learn about the art of revising the work of an early writer by studying the writings of Ian Fleming. Andrew may not have shaken international law with this book, but he has certainly stirred it. It is an immensely accessible volume and the perfect introduction to international law, at a very affordable price in soft cover (although purchase of the hard cover, as a keeper, is strongly recommended).

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