Saturday 29 October 2011

Michael D. Higgins is Ireland’s New President

Top. Michael D. Higgins and myself at the tenth anniversary celebrations of the Irish Centre for Human Rights, last November. Bottom: Michael D. Higgins speaking at the Irish Centre for Human Rights, with Vinodh Jaichand, Sean Love, Jim Browne and myself.

Our friend and colleague, Michael D. Higgins, has been elected the ninth president of Ireland. He is a great supporter of human rights, for which a commitment of a lifetime has given him an international reputation.
Michael D., as he is known to everyone (in Ireland, we even call the President by their first name), is an adjunct professor on the faculty of the Irish Centre for Human Rights. He has been a regular participant in our activities over the years.
The position of President of Ireland is of immense symbolic importance, even if the actual powers of the head of state are relatively limited. The election of Michael D. Higgins demonstrates the profound commitment of the people of Ireland to equality, non-discrimination, social justice, international development and solidarity with victims of aggression and occupation.
His eloquent voice has already been heard around the world. Now it is strengthened by the prestige of his office and the magnitude of his mandate from the people of Ireland.

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