Wednesday, 5 October 2011

Getting a PhD in Law

Caroline Morris and Cian Murphy have just published a very fine guide to doctoral studies in law. Published by Hart Publishing, they say it is for students in the United Kingdom, but I doubt there is anything in it that would not also be applicable to Ireland. It answers many questions and provides much invaluable advice. I don't think that a doctoral student should be without it. It sells for GBP 20, or about EUR 23. It is well worth this small expense.
Hart has also just sent me a new publication entitled Research Methodologies in EU and International Law, by Rob Cryer, Tamara Hervey and Bal Sokyi-Bulley. Like the other volume, it is very strongly recommended. The price is about GBP 23, or EUR 27. Against, a modest amount that will pay itself back quickly.

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