Wednesday, 2 February 2011

Summer School in Human Rights Litigation

The Open Society Justice Initiative and Central European University will hold a Summer School in Human Rights Litigation, in Budapest from July 11 to 15.
According to the announcement, the curriculum includes a detailed analysis of procedures before the various human rights tribunals, such as the African, Inter-American, and European regional bodies, as well as the most frequently used United Nations committees. It will also review procedural questions, including the exhaustion of domestic remedies, forum choice, admissibility, building evidence in support, remedies, and how to plan for the implementation of a judgment.
Participants need not be practicing lawyers. They must have at least three years experience in human rights litigation or activism, and will be required to submit examples of cases and issues that they have been involved in. Practitioners are particularly encouraged from Africa, Central and Eastern Europe, and Central Asia. Instruction will be in English. Bursaries towards tuition fees and expenses including travel are available where the need can be demonstrated.
For further information and to apply, see the CEU website.

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