Tuesday, 22 February 2011

Prosecuting Joe Weiler for a Book Review

Previously, I have reported on the proceedings before French courts taken by an academic in the field of international criminal court against Professor Joe Weiler for a book review that she believed to be defamatory. I'd lost track of the prosecution, but there was a report on it in yesterday's New York Times. It seems the case was heard in January, and a judgment is expected in March.
I've done a few rather critical book reviews in my time, but over the years have come to understand that there is nothing to be gained from writing negative reviews. My advice to reviewers is that if they can't say something nice, send the book back to the publisher or the journal. There is a corollary to this rule: don't believe everything you read in a book review!
Thanks to Quincy Diep.

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noreen said...

Dear William,

Professor Weiler recently commented on the proceedings on the EJIL:Talk! blog. The verdict is expected on March 3rd. Link =