Friday, 2 July 2010

Three Years of Blogging

Today marks three years since I began this blog. There have been 700 entries to the blog over that time, and many comments from its readers. I am especially grateful to the many contributors, who send me information or documents that they have come across. I hope such participation in the life of the blog will continue.
It was originally started as a mechanism for me to keep in touch with my own doctoral students while I was on sabbatical leave. When the time came to tick the box indicating whether or not the blog could be accessed by the general public, I decided there was no reason not to open it up. If memory serves me, I was in Oxford as a visiting lecturer when I made the first posting, and when I figured out how to actually operate a blog (it isn't exactly rocket science). Since then, I have made postings from all corners of the globe, even in China, until 2008 when the authorities decided to prevent access.
Despite the name, it isn't just for doctoral students. But it does encourage some people to take the plunge and embark on what I call 'the Mount Everest of higher education', and I hope that will continue.
The blog now has many thousands of readers, according to Google Analytics. They are located around the world.
Thanks for reading, for contributing, and for telling others about it.


Gleb Bogush said...

And Thank you, Professor, for this blog.
And keep blogging!

Unknown said...

Thank for you, Professor