Monday, 23 March 2009

Cuirt Literature Festival in Galway, 21-26 April

At this year's Cuirt Festival of Literature, held annually in Galway in late April and known around the world, I'm delivering a lecture entitled: 'Writing about Atrocity: Justice, Redemption and Trivialisation. Thoughts on Schlink (The Reader), Mailer and Grass.' I propose to explore some of the issues that arise when 'fiction' encounters 'truth'. There is a fascinating interface of relevance to the contemporary human rights debate about the 'right to truth' and the efforts of writers who speak to the great historic atrocity crimes of our era. My lecture will ask whether there is also a 'right to fiction'. Here's the full programme: The lecture is on 25 April at 5 PM.

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Anait said...

hey! Just found your website through a search on google. I'm currently applying to masters programs in human rights, but hope to someday be in a PhD program as well. Great website and resource,keep up the good work :)