Saturday, 8 November 2008

UN Audiovisual Library of International Law

The United Nations Audiovisual Library of International Law was launched last week: It is described as 'a unique multi-media resource which is a core instrument for promoting a greater understanding of the essential role of the United Nations in the field of international law and the creation of a culture that is conducive to the rule of law'.
According to the announcement:
There are three main components: (i) the Lecture Series provides lectures by
eminent law scholars and practitioners from different countries on virtually
every subject of international ; (ii) the Historic Archives contains
introductory notes prepared by internationally recognized , audiovisual
materials recording the history of the negotiation and adoption of significant
legal instruments (e.g., the Charter of the United Nations, the Universal
Declaration of Human Rights, the Genocide Convention, and the Law of the Sea
Convention), the procedural history as well as text of the legal instruments and
other key documents; and (iii) the Research Library provides on-line library of
international law materials, including treaties, jurisprudence, United Nations
and legal publications as well as scholarly writings provided by HeinOnLine.

My modest contribution was the entry on the Genocide Convention.

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MJ said...

Thank you for posting this link. I teach an undergraduate course in international law so I am looking forward to reviewing all the contents to see what I can incorporate into future classes.