Saturday, 8 November 2008

Genocide Convention Commemorations

A few days ago, I posted an announcement about the commemoration ceremony for the 60th anniversary of the adoption of the Genocide Convention, to be held in Paris on 9 December 2008. Many other events are planned in various parts of the world.
Here is a partial list:
Athens, 12-13 November:
London, 2 December:
Marburg, Germany, 4-6 December:
The Hague, 7-8 December:
Paris, 9 December:
Buenos Aires, 10-12 December:
Berne, 15 December:
I have also heard of one in Moscow, on 17 December, and I think there is one in Israel during the week of 8 December.

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Unknown said...

In Sweden there will be a seminar to commemorate the genocide convention and discuss R2P on 2 December. Co-organised by Living History Forum (a government agency tasked with keeping alive the memory of the Holocaust and other mass crimes by totalitarian regimes) and the Nordic Africa Institute (a research and policy institute funded by the five Nordic governments), the seminar will have former UN Under Secreterary-General Hans Corell as key note speaker and will be moderated by Christian Palme.