Monday 15 September 2008

Oxford Reports on International Criminal Law

Oxford University Press has just launched the Oxford Reports on International Criminal Law, which is one component within its broader venture entitled Oxford Reports on International Law. The Oxford Reports on International Criminal Law are produced here in Galway, by a team composed of Joe Powderly, Niamh Hayes and myself. Students at the Irish Centre for Human Rights have access to the Reports through their regular university account, at
The reports consist of case summaries and indexes of leading international criminal law cases, together with the decisions themselves. Previously, research in the case law of international criminal tribunals involved rather tedious combing through the websites of the various tribunals. Even then, as a general rule the tribunal websites do not allow for keyword searches and they are not indexed. The International Law Reports respond to the problem, but they cover only a very limited number of cases. Hundreds of cases are already on line, and we will be continuing to add more.

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