Wednesday, 13 August 2008

New Publications of Interest

The second edition of the Triffterer Commentary on the Rome Statute is now in print, an impressive 1,900 pages and right up to date. It can be ordered from Hart Publishing ( but be warned that the price is a scary £240. I have a copy in my office if anyone wants to use it.
Also just received is the following:
Damon Barrett & Vinodh Jaichand, 'The Right to Water, Privatised Water and Access to Justice: Tackling United Kingdom Water Companies' Practices in Developing Countries', (2007) 23 South African Journal on Human Rights 5430-562.
Clemens A. Müller, 'The Law of Interim Release in the Jurisprudence of the International Criminal Trib unals', (2008) 8 International Criminal Law Review 589-626.
Vinodh is of course deputy director of the Irish Centre for Human Rights. Damon and Clemens are graduates of our LLM programme.

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