Friday, 15 August 2008

Fabulous Resources on War Crimes Prosecutions

Yesterday I posted an item on the travaux préparatoires of the 1949 Geneva Conventions. Joe Powderly found them on the website of the Library of Congress. We've dug a bit deeper, and found many other wonderful materials that are often difficult to find. They are all in pdf format and can be easily dowloaded. They all appear to be machine searchable. The site is: Click on 'Geneva Conventions' had you get the travaux of the Conventions, but also the Commentaries issued by the International Committee of the Red Cross. Click on 'War Crimes Trials Materials' and you get the entire record of the Nuremberg trial, the 15-volume proceedings of the thematic trials at Nuremberg that followed the International Military Tribunal, and the reports by Robert Jackson and Telford Taylor. There is much other material here also of interest, and even a facility whereby they will contact you when new materials are added.

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Genti said...

Dear Prof.Schabas,an dear all,
First of all, I would like to thank you very much, for this interesting blogg you have created.
Second, I wold like to thank you again (because repetita iuvant)for this interesting site, which is simply, litteralry great.
Third,I would like to suggest another site, which i think it may be useful to all, especially - I hope- to the students. The site in comment is: it is dedicated to the Holocaust victims, and from the legal point of view, it can be found very interesting law materials, such as: The reports of The International Military Tribunal Nuremberg,(;or The reports and the judgments (trial and appeal) of the Eichmann's trial.
Of course there can be found other materials.