Wednesday, 21 May 2008

Prosecutorial Discretion, Judicial Activism at the International Criminal Court

Last week, I presented a paper to a symposium in Florence on prosecutorial discretion and judicial activism at the International Criminal Court. Among other issues, it deals with gravity as the primary criterion for the selection of cases by the Prosecutor:

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ajokic said...

The one interesting sentence from the paper about prosecutors in Nuremberg reads:

"A recent study shows how intelligence agents were planted on the staff of the American prosecutor at the highest levels."

Why think it is any different at ICTY, ICTR or the "hybrid international Iraq court" that hang President Hussein? In fact, why not think the establishment of all these ad hocs are intelligence ploys for rewriting history, decriminalizing aggressions (by the superpower), while academics and human rights Ph.D. programs serve the purpose of plausible deniability, and thus are simply accessories to aggression?