Wednesday, 21 May 2008

More on Universal Periodic Review

From time to time, I have written about the new Universal Periodic Review process underway at the UN Human Rights Council. Probably, I have been more enthusaistic about it than most observers. It has been operational for several weeks now. I am in Geneva, and what I learn is that it is generally viewed as being successful to date. The materials generated by the process are fascinating, with recommendations and comments addressing a range of important human rights issues, including the death penalty and sexual orientation. There have also been recommendations that States withdraw reservations to human rights treaties and, apparently, some commitments to do so. It seems clear that this will become an important resource for study of state practice in the area of human rights. There is a new website dedicated to following the process:

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Derek said...

I am considering this title for my PhD research: Methodology and Ideology: An analysis of alternative human rights protection systems in states emerging from conflicts. The test case of South Africa. My research will focus on the reasons behind the creation of these institutions (often National Human Rights Institutions), their legitimacy, roles and their relationships with national courts. I would like to invite comments/opinions on he idea.