Monday, 17 March 2008

Peace Palace Library

I am in The Hague for a few days, and I had a wonderful visit this morning to the Peace Palace Library. This is the library of the International Court of Justice, located in the iconic building paid for by Andrew Carnegie a century ago (I wish we had another Andrew Carnegie who could build something for the ICC to replace the miserable office building where it is now located).
The Library was previously located in the old part of the Palace, but for about a year now it has been in fabulous new premises. The reference librarian, Francisca Markx-Veldhuijzen, very gratiously showed me around the premises today.
Even if you can’t get to The Hague regularly, students of human rights law, and international law generally, will find much of value on the website of the Peace Palace Library: You can search the collection on line, then either find the book in a library closer to home, or make an interlibrary loan. The keyword search includes periodical articles. And they have also prepared specialised bibliographies, that are of great practical use.

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