Wednesday, 26 March 2008

Easter Break in Cyprus

Well, it isn’t really Easter in Cyprus (the Greek Orthodox Easter comes in late April this year), but at least a few people from Ireland took the opportunity for a vacation break. Here I am with my family in the mountain village of Arsos, where my father in law was born more than 90 years ago. That’s him on the left, in the house where he grew up and where we stay when we visit, together with my wife Penelope, myself, our daughter Marguerite and our eight-month old grandson Thomas William (Tommy). The fellow with the tie is our neighbour, Irish Senator David Norris, who owns a home in Arsos a few streets away (there only are a few streets in Arsos).

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Unknown said...

I have a link on you tube

that displays a rare Easter celebration on the grounds of Agios Amvrosios
Kerynia Cyprus before 1974 called ( Trizo-Yra )
This event was not practised anywhere.