Monday, 2 September 2013

Eichmann and International Law

Some readers may be interested in a recent article on the Eichmann Trial that I have published in the current issue of the Leiden Journal of International Law. The publishers allow authors to post a copy, acknowledging that this is published by Cambridge University Press. I should also provide a link to Cambridge Journals Online, but it doesn't seem to work. Finally, here is the full bibliographic reference:
William Schabas,'The Contribution of the Eichmann Trial to International Law', (2013) 26 Leiden Journal of International Law 667-699.
The article examines academic commentary at the time of the trial. By and large, it was rather negative and regarded the proceedings as an embarrassing blemish on international law. History has shown that this was not an accurate assessment. Most of the big legal findings by the judges in Eichmann have stood the test of time.

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