Monday 20 May 2013

A Graphic View of International Justice

For a fabulous, original approach to international justice, have a look at the recent report prepared by Daniel McLaughlin for the Leitner Center for International Law and Justice at Fordham Law School. Using very sophisticated graphics, this publication aims to engage a wider audience with issues of international justice by presenting well-researched information about the tribunals and their underlying conflicts through a novel partnership with graphic and information designers.  Below is an example that presents the costs of the tribunals.
Download the entire report here.


Roger Derham said...

Brilliant summary document

Roger Derham said...

Based on an analysis of the report the following costs can be estimated:

Conviction cost per conviction
ICTY – International Criminal Tribunal for the Former Yugoslavia (Established 1993 examining events from Jan 1, 1991 – 161 Indictments 66 Final Convictions) $35,141,773 per conviction
ICTR – International Criminal Tribunal for Rwanda (Established 1994 to examine events between 1 Jan 1994 and 31 Dec 1994 – 90 Indictments 44 Final Convictions) $39,056,042 per conviction
SCSL – Special Court for Sierra Leone (Established 2002 to examine events from 30 Nov 1996 – 13 Indictments 8 Final Convictions) $26,026,422 per conviction
ECCC – Extraordinary Chambers in the Courts of Cambodia (Established in 2007 to examine events from 17 April 1975 to 6 January 1979 – 5 Indictments 1 Final Conviction) $337,850,800 per conviction.
STL – Special Tribunal for Lebanon (Established in 2007 to examine a single event on the 14 Feb 2005 – 5 Indictments 0 Convictions) $241,097,507 cost thus far.
ICC – International Criminal Court (Established 1 July 2002 to examine ‘future’ international crimes – 30 Arrest Warrants 0 Final Convictions) $1,616,202,054 cost thus far.

i.e. $41,880,490 per conviction of modern international criminal tribunals established since 1993 (East Timor Tribunal not included)

= $598 per death in examined conflicts since 1991.

By way of contrast the cost of conviction for murder and rape between 200-2007 in the Irish Justice System (Garda, Prison service, Court System etc) was €29,319,371 per conviction (Allocation of €1.6billion over 8 years in the Justice Vote divided by 573 convictions). This is a reasonable comparison as the International Tribunals costs include an investigative, policing and prison service allocation.