Saturday, 6 October 2012

European Advocacy Centre to Join Middlesex

Middlesex University is a very dynamic place right now. A few months ago, the new School of Law was created. This week, its new dean, Professor Joshua Castellino, announced that the European Human Rights Advocacy Centre, formerly based at London Metropolitan University, will be moving to the Middlesex School of Law, where it will re-constitute itself as a separate Centre and sit alongside the Social Policy Research Centre.
The five-member Centre, directed by Professor Philip Leach, will pursue its focus on human rights litigation before the European Court of Human Rights. Its most recent work has focused on the human rights violations in Chechnya and elsewhere in the region that can broadly be described as the former Soviet Union, where they work very closely with the well-known Russian NGO Memorial. This is a great addition to Middlesex that should provide our students with an opportunity to gain internships and valuable experience.
Professor Philip Leach is a scholar of international repute with an outstanding research profile, which includes his highly acclaimed Oxford University Press book Taking a Case to the European Court of Human Rights.

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