Sunday 16 September 2012

Book on Asylum Seekers and Criminal Law

Joseph Rikhof’s book, "The Criminal Refugee: the Treatment of Asylum Seekers with a Criminal Background in International and Domestic Law", has just been published by Republic ofLetters in its Human Rights Series (of which I am the editor-in-chief). The book explores an aspect of refugee law which has received little academic attention, namely in how far a criminal background has an effect on obtaining or retaining asylum. In examining this question, the author uses international criminal law, international human rights law and transnational law concepts to elucidate the refugee notions of exclusion and refoulement while also comparing the practice of nine countries in various parts of the world. The book provides a welcome addition to refugee law in general while also filling a gap in the literature in the area of criminality and as such is a must-read for international criminal and human rights lawyers alike.'
The book is based on Joseph’s PhD thesis, which he completed at the Irish Centre for Human Rights under the supervision of Dr. Shane Darcy.


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