Thursday, 24 November 2011

Conference on International Criminal Justice at 9 Bedford Row

The barristers chambers of 9 Bedford Row in London, where I am a 'door tenant', held a conference Saturday on international criminal law. The presentations are available on Youtube, including my own lecture on the history of of the legal concept of crimes against humanity. Other participants included Steven Kay, who spoke about the proceedings at the International Criminal Court in the Kenya cases, Toby Cadman on the Bangladesh tribunal, and David Young on the Special Tribunal for Lebanon, and several other speakers who delivered presentations of great interest.

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Toby Cadman said...

It was a pleasure to hear Professor Schabas speak about the history of crimes against humanity. It is the second time this year that I have given a presentation on a topic immediately following Professor Schabas and it is always a daunting prospect.

Toby Cadman