Saturday, 15 January 2011

Analysis of Death Penalty Vote in General Assembly

On 21 December, the United Nations General Assembly adopted the third resolution in four years calling for a moratorium on the death penalty, with a greater number of states in favour than previously. The vote sheet is now available. It shows the following changes in position by comparison with the results of the previous vote, in 2008:
Two states that were opposed to the resolution in 2008 voted in favour in 2010: Maldives, Mongolia.
Five states that had abstained in 2008 voted in favour of the resolution in 2010: Bhutan, Gambia, Guatemala, Togo.
Two states that had voted in favour in 2008 did not cast their votes in 2010: Côte d’Ivoire, Mauritius.
There appear to be no states that went from support to abstention or opposition.

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Unknown said...

Thought I'd share this from Canada...
“Well, I personally think there are times where capital punishment is appropriate,” Mr. Harper said. “But I’ve also committed that I’m not, you know, in the next Parliament, I’m not – no plans to bring that issue forward,” PM Harper.

Not a chance he'll bring it back, but the sentiment is rather frightening....