Wednesday 15 December 2010

Dick Marty Corroborates Carla Del Ponte’s Claim that Kosovar Nationalists Murdered Serbs for their Organs

A report, made public today by Dick Marty, the member of the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe who exposed the secret US detention centres and the rendition flights, confirms the charges of Carla Del Ponte that forces associated with the Kosovo Liberation Army took Serb prisoners into Albania where they were murdered for their organs, which were subsequently trafficked through organized crime networks.
The opening paragraph of the report explains the background:
1.      In April 2008 Madam Carla Del Ponte, the former Chief Prosecutor before the International Criminal Tribunal for the former Yugoslavia (ICTY), published a set of memoirs, co-authored with Chuck Sudetic, on her experiences within the tribunal.  The book initially came out in Italian (“La caccia – Io e i criminali di guerra”), then in translation, notably in French (“La traque, les criminels de guerre et moi”). In the book, almost ten years after the end of the war in Kosovo, there appeared revelations of trafficking in human organs taken from Serb prisoners, reportedly carried out by leading commanders of the Kosovo Liberation Army (KLA). These claims were surprising in several respects and have provoked a host of strong reactions. They were surprising, in the first place, because they emanated from someone who exercised the highest official responsibilities, at the very heart of the judicial system tasked with prosecuting the crimes committed in the course of the conflicts that ravaged the former Yugoslavia Furthermore, and above all, they were surprising because they revealed an apparent absence of official follow-up in respect of allegations that were nevertheless deemed serious enough to warrant inclusion in the memoirs of the former Prosecutor could hardly have ignored the grave and far-reaching nature of the allegations she had decided to make public.
The Report is quite damning with respect to the Kosovo Liberation Army:
29.       The overall picture that emerges from our inquiry differs dramatically in several respects from the conventional portrayal of the Kosovo conflict.  Indeed, while there was certainly an intensely fought battle for the destiny of the territory of Kosovo, there were very few instances in which opposing armed factions confronted one another on any kind of military frontlines.
30.       The abhorrent abuses of the Serb military and police structures in trying to subjugate and ultimately to expel the ethnic Albanian population of Kosovo are well known and documented.
31.       The evidence we have uncovered is perhaps most significant in that it often contradicts the much-touted image of the Kosovo Liberation Army, or KLA, as a guerrilla army that fought valiantly to defend the right of its people to inhabit the territory of Kosovo.
32.       While there were undoubtedly numerous brave soldiers who were willing to go to the warfront, in the face of considerable adversity, and if necessary die for the cause of an independent Kosovar Albanian motherland, these fighters were not necessarily in the majority.
33.       From the testimony we have managed to amass, the policy and strategy of some KLA leaders were much more complex than a simple agenda to overpower their Serb oppressors.
34.       On the one hand, the KLA leadership coveted recognition and support from foreign partners including, notably, the United States Government.  Towards this end the KLA’s internationally well-connected “spokesmen” had to fulfil certain promises to their partners and sponsors, and / or adhere to particular terms of engagement that were the de facto conditions of their receiving support from overseas.
35.       On the other hand, though, a number of the senior commanders of the KLA have reportedly not failed to profit from the war, including by securing material and personal benefits for themselves.  They wanted to secure access to resources for themselves and their family / clan members, notably through positions of power in political office, or in lucrative industries such as petroleum, construction and real estate.  They wanted to avenge what they perceived as historical injustices perpetrated against the Albanian population in the former Yugoslavia And many of them were seemingly bent on profiteering to the maximum of their potential while they had operational control of certain lawless territories (e.g. in parts of southern and western Kosovo), and leverage – especially in terms of financial resources – with which to negotiate footholds for themselves in other territories (e.g. in Albania). 
36.       The reality is that the most significant operational activities undertaken by members of the KLA – prior to, during, and in the immediate aftermath of the conflict – took place on the territory of Albania, where the Serb security forces were never deployed.
Marty proposes a draft resolution for the Parliamentary Assembly, notes 'the appalling crimes committed by Serbian forces, which stirred up very strong feelings worldwide, gave rise to a mood reflected as well in the attitude of certain international agencies, according to which it was invariably one side that were regarded as the perpetrators of crimes and the other side as the victims, thus necessarily innocent.  The reality is less clear-cut and more complex."


MyKosova said...

Do you have evidences? Mr. Thaci welcomed Mr. Marty to provide them to an authoritative prosecutor declaring that K.Albanian have demonstrated to be fully cooperative with Hague Tribunal! At the same time he's going to follow the needed legal actions against Mr. Marty!

It's true that some hundreds of serbian soldiers are missing. As well is true that still some thousand of innocent K.Albanians are missing (kept hidden in mass-graves in Serbia?). Their families need their remains and the truth hidden with their bodies! This is an basic right Kosovo and Serbia government ove to them. I'm not going to discuss here if the responsibility lies on Serbian government who sent them to fight in Kosova or in Kosova Liberation Army who was fighting protecting their houses and land...!

Let's turn to Organ Harvesting! If you got evidences PLEASE!!!! proceed them in the proper way instead to criminalize whole Kosovar society! The show of Mr. Marty is seen as a dirty political movement here! The only direct evidence we know is appeared in Kosova TV in this link:

It is in serbian language but if you hit cc button in bottom left corner you will have an English translation!

There is shown clearly how structures acting on behalf of serbian state are trying to forge evidences!


Anonymous said...

Carla Del Ponte, an eccentric and controversial divorced woman, is a very easy target to be recruited, with pay and included in projects designed by advocates, (France and Russia), of Greater Serbia.
There is not a single physical evidence to link Kosova and Albania with alleged crimes. In contrary was Dick Marty that tried to implant forget evidences, including human bones, at the so called Yellow House.
The terrorized owner and his family are pressing charges against Dick Marty, which is nothing more or less a polyagent, who works for France and Russia with pay.
Dick set off on a mission to Russia after publicizing this report and that his son-in-law is a Serb. Serbia with the help of France troops contingent, transported through north Kosova to Serbia thousands of Kosovars, later killed and dismembered by the Serbian Government.
Were any of them missing their organs?
Serbs are experts in mafia dirty jobs.