Wednesday 10 December 2008

Nottingham Student Conference on Freedom of Expression

The Human Rights Law Centre at the University of Nottingham will old its 10th Annual Student Human Rights Conference on 14 March 2009. This conference aims to discuss a number of issues around freedom of expression, taking the conceptualisation of the term ‘expression’ beyond thoughts and the written and spoken word, to consider who we are and how we express ourselves, for instance in terms of religion, sexual orientation and gender identity, through the use of the arts and media and new technologies. This conference also wishes to address current concerns about freedom of expression and national security, the defence of human rights and the role of non-state actors. How do these concepts cross and blur the boundaries of international law? How do they challenge our perception of private and public domain? Are the voices of minorities able to reach out? Are different views and forms of expression adequately represented and protected by human rights law? Can some forms of expression, such as one’s sexual orientation and/or gender identity, clash with other rights, for instance resulting in ‘defamation of religion’? Is freedom of expression in a crisis and under attack from all angles? Or is this just the natural development of an ever so controversial right? Papers are invited on the subject of human rights in relation to any of the themes advertised in the attached call for papers. Deadline for submission is 11 January 2009 using the attached application form, which is also available on the Student Activities pages of HRLC website: Please address any enquires to the Conference Committee:,

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