Wednesday, 23 July 2008

International Courts and Tribunals: the Year in Review

The first first annual Atrocity Crimes Litigation Year-in-Review (2007), published by Northwestern Journal of International Human Rights, is now available at Contents include:
§ Introduction: Atrocity Crimes Litigation During 2007, David Scheffer.
§ International Criminal Tribunals: A Review of 2007, William A. Schabas.
§ Recent Trends in International Criminal Law: Perspectives from the U.N. International Criminal Tribunal for Rwanda, George William Mugwanya.
§ Victims’ Participation at the International Criminal Court: Are Concessions of the Court Clouding the Promise?, Christine H. Chung.
The paper were originally presented at a conference held at Northwestern University in January 2008. The 'Year-in-Review' conference will be an annual event. Check the Journal website or the Center for International Human Rights website later this year for information regarding the 2009 Year-in-Review Conference.

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