Tuesday, 29 July 2008

Bosnia Genocide Verdict

The War Crimes Chamber in Bosnia and Herzegovina handed down its first genocide conviction today. Known as the 'Kravice case', it involves 11 persons accused of involvement in the Srebrenica massacre, in July 1995. the judgment is not yet available, and I am told it will not be for some time. Here is the press release: http://www.sudbih.gov.ba/?id=959&jezik=e#
Seven of the accused were convicted of genocide, and four acquitted for lack of evidence. Sentences for those convicted are hefty - 38, 40, and 42 years depending on aggravation and mitigation. The Panel said sentencing started at a baseline of 40 years for those found guilty and was calculated upward or downward from there. The man in charge, Stupar, received 40 years for his failure to punish genocide. The other six were convicted as direct perpetrators. The remaining four were acquitted because the prosecution's evidence with respect to them was inadmissible or eye witness evidence failed to also incriminate them. The Prosecution's theory of joint criminal enterprise (JCE) was rejected.
Thanks to Stephanie Barbour and Joe Powderly.

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