Friday 14 November 2014

Dr Margaret deGuzman

Margaret deGuzman successfully defended her doctoral thesis at the National University of Ireland Galway on 10 November 2014. Her thesis is entitled 'Shocking the Conscience of Humanity: Gravity and the Legitimacy of International Criminal Law'. She was examined by Prof. Kevin Jon Heller of the School of African and Oriental Studies and Prof. Ray Murphy of NUI Galway. Dr Shane Darce chaired the examination. She was supervised by Prof. William Schabas. Meg deGuzman is a Professor at Temple University School of Law. Congratulations!
From left, Ray Murphy, Kevin Heller (on skype), Meg deGuzman and Shane Darcy.

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Professor Charles C. Jalloh said...

Congratulations Meg. This is excellent. Looking forward to reading what sounds like a timely and important book!
Charles Jalloh