Sunday, 8 June 2014

Perincek case on genocide denial referred to Grand Chamber of European Court

Last December, the European Court of Human Rights ruled in favour of the applicant in Perincek v. Switzerland, a case involving denial of the Armenian genocide. The decision was issued in French only so it was not as widely accessible as it might have been had it been issued in English too. An English summary of the case is issued by the Court. Switzerland decided to request that the case be referred to the 17-judge Grand Chamber for a new look at the issue. The Grand Chamber's decision prevails over that of the Chamber. Last week, the Grand Chamber agreed to hear the case.
It is possible for interested States as well as organisations to intervene in the proceedings, after obtaining the permission of the President of the Court. They are generally permitted to make written submissions that will be considered by the Grand Chamber and referred to in the judgment but they do not participate actively in the oral hearing. The oral hearing will probably be held in three or four months.

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